Will he or won’t he?!  A lot of fans were wondering if Manny Pacquiao will retire after taking a different type of L against Juan Manuel Marquez (the jokes still have not stopped). Pacman returned to the Philippines yesterday & addressed his fans as to what he’s going to do now.


According to the Associated Press via FoxSports:

Manny Pacquiao has returned to the Philippines after his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, saying he will fight again despite some members of his family imploring him to retire.

Shortly after arriving in Manila on Wednesday, Pacquiao told fans ”we will rise again” and ”there will be future fights.”

He says he will rest for five months before going back to the ring.

Government officials and fans carrying signs that read ”you’re still our greatest champion and hero” welcomed Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee at the airport.

Pacquiao, who was knocked out by Mexico’s Marquez in the sixth round last weekend in Las Vegas, is scheduled to attend a concert for his fans later in the day.