Kobe Bryant may have netted 42 points last night, but the Lakers still lost….to the Cavs (worst 22 game start since 2002-03). smh.  It just keeps getting worse.  So what does Kobe and Dwight have to say about it?  You know it’s not good…


Kobe Bryant:

“This is one of the most challenging stretches of my 17 years, and the most baffling, too,” a puzzled Bryant said after the Lakers lost for the eighth time in 11 games. “We have the talent and personnel to do it, but we’re not, and it’s baffling. It’s extremely frustrating.

“It doesn’t make any sense. We’re still finding ways to lose games.”

Bryant refused to single out any teammates, and he chose his words carefully when pressed on his team’s many problems.

“I’m very upset,” Bryant said. “When things get hard, you should get more determined, not shake your heads. It just seems when it rains it pours. It’s like this cloud is following us around at all times. I’m one of the fastest guys on the team — and I’m like 50. What does that tell you?”

Dwight Howard:

“We have to stop the bleeding — somehow,” said Howard, who forced a trade this summer from Orlando to join the Lakers and maybe win some championships. “We can’t let this kill our spirits too much. This is tough on all of us right now.

“We want to win. We’re sick of losing. We all understand that situations like this don’t last forever.”

Howard is confident the Lakers will be able to turn their season around.

He just doesn’t know when.

“We’ve got to stay focused and stay strong,” he said. “We can’t let this break who we are as a team. We talk about it every day. People are going to say whatever they want about our team right now. We’re not playing the greatest basketball. But there will come a day when we’ll have the gun. Right now, we’re rabbits. Once we get the gun, it’s not going to be fun for everybody else.”


Source: ESPN

Kobe Bryant after Loss vs Cleveland: