Oh man.. the slander doesn’t end. Other than the trending topics going on about Kanye’s kilt, Killa Cam just had to throw in his 2 cents as well. On Instagram, he posted a picture of Kanye wearing his Sandy Benefit Relief Concert outfit (Pyrex and a kilt) and expresses he would “block” anyone that co-signs Kanye wearing that outfit. Oh and Cam, please don’t start.. back in my Dipset fan girl days – you popularized men wearing pink! Both trends were/are questionable but we never forgot about… that pink phase, SMH! We actually have a reminder of Cam’s “fashion sense” in the gallery as well! See the Instagram photo he posted & his angry caption after the jump!

Biz Baby

The caption to the photo was:

“Pyrex and a skirt? Shit ain’t adding up. And if u co-sign this I’m blocking u!! Straight up. Ima have to save us”


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  • On 12.13.12 tnt said:

    Stop hating on Killa thats why this site sucks now. How u gonna defend kanye

    • On 12.13.12 muhamadhovi said:

      so u co-sign a guy promoting men wearing pink. FOH. we had a show in my town called gay pink parade. so if u ask me cam the real fag

      • On 12.13.12 Cj said:

        @tnt shirt any day, cam was bunping way before kanye. I guess Muhammad co-signs skirts. How sad men that ain’t Scottish wearing skirts. Haha I don’t really care just the guy above me is so cocky and defending Kanye like he Kimmy K.

  • On 12.13.12 tnt said:

    if i gotta choose between wearing a pink shirt or a leather skirt i’m going with the shirt all day.

  • On 12.13.12 Raymond said:

    cam had a pink car ??muffin calling muffin foh cam !!!and your friends with jim jones ….he puts the word pride in parade!!

  • On 12.14.12 Hov said:

    i’d rather wear a pink shirt than a skirt #justsayin – hov

  • On 12.14.12 Benny D said:

    Yo lets be real here for a minute. Calling out Cam for wearing pink? Pink is pimpin. A leather kilt with tight leather pants under it & a sweatshirt jersey? Not pimpin. Not really anything besides retarded. How can you even try to compare wearing pink with wearing a dumbass leather kilt? Real men wear pink. Some real Irish/Scottish men wear actual kilts & play bagpipes. But Kanye, in a leather kilt? With a sweatshirt jersey? Na man, that’s just stupid. Dude has lost his damn mind. Cam is from that old school. Kanye thinks he’s new school/new age but right now he’s on some back of the bus type shit

    • On 12.15.12 shon said:

      Real men wear pink? Nah pink is for pussys If you ask me both are weak

    • On 12.15.12 shon said:

      Cam the pink panther Hahaha he needs to be quite that kanye outfit is weak too

  • On 12.15.12 Karlito said:

    You do know celebrities play a character right? Everything they do is usually for a calculated purpose of sorts. Lil Wayne wearing uggs and skate boarding. C’mon that appeals to white kids in the burbs. It’s about keeping ppl interested in YOU and your product.

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