If you missed last night’s Sandy Relief 12-12-12 Concert, you may be wondering what’s all this talk about Kanye’s outfit. From trending topics on the outfit, jokes about Kim Kardashian being the only one to enjoy his portion of the concert to Killa Cam going off about the outfit on his Instagram.. we have the flicks here. I know Ye has been wearing kilts (man-skirts, whatever you want to call them) for years, so it made me wonder why so many people were so shocked. If you attended any of the shows from the Watch The Throne tour, the outrageous outfit probably wasn’t as bizarre to you. But then again, I think I peeped him wearing the kilt all 3x I went & I still was like, “what the..” but still, Kanye can do no wrong in my eyes. Other than the outfit, there was a lot of mixed reviews on the song medley he did at the concert. Fans expressing he wasn’t energetic enough for a relief concert, complaints about his song choices, his vibe was off.. etc etc. It was hilarious cause in the beginning, the crowd had no idea what to do.. dance, put their hands up, stand there – but Kanye did turn it up more towards the end. So overall, it looked like the audience enjoyed it. But we want to know, What did you guys think of the outfit?! Let us know below.. If you haven’t seen the outfit, check the gallery out.

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Kanye’s 12-12-12 concert performance outfit: Dope or nope?
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