Google+ hit their 100 million user mark this past June; Now they sit comfortably at around 235m users. This growth shows that even in a time where it seems impossible to compete with Facebook & Twitter, Google has the right ideas. Their in-house apps and features mixed with a social networking platform are definitely in demand. For the holidays Senior VP Vic Gundotra happily announced a large amount of new features on their way over to Google+ users in the coming days. Find out just how many after the jump

Tat Wza


If someone told you Google was thinking of making their own social network you would probably laugh. Facebook & Twitter have a pretty strong hold on the world we live in today. Working their way into the media, news and entertainment it seems as if we’ll never say goodbye. Despite all the cards against them, Google pushed harder and harder to develop a social network less the flaws of the others mixed with all the heavily used features. Making it easier to swipe through picture galleries, view or comment on a picture and making your search easier than ever. Taking pieces of information from what you search or look into and delivering more accurate results based on your interests. 24 new features to be exact… all with a special touch. Video below explains further.