This has been such a tragic day, as a parent, it makes you extremely worried about your child while in school, then Immediately it makes you wonder ‘How could we keep our kids safe, How could this even Happen??’ Well one thing we could do is watch your friends and family on social media, If someone would have watched this guys tweets, someone could clearly see this guy was begging for help…Hit the Jump to see signs of him trying to tell people he was NOT in a good space. Update After Jump!!

Tat Wza

It’s Not confirmed this is His Twitter, but the fact of some of the things tweeted here, It feels like it is, this Kid Needed Help. I am a Parent, and this type of thing is Chilling to the Bone, and My Heart Goes Out to ALL Parents caught in this, those that lost a life, I can’t even imagine what they are going through!!!

So Apparently This Is Not His Twitter as the account has Been Tweeting, But Twitter has let this Guy Have it for some of the inappropriate Tweets he tweeted, I think He Still Needs Help!!!