It seems like just about anyone can get a reality show these days and now you can add in former NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his wife to that list.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

The network that’s home to Braxton Family Values, its spinoff Tamar & Vince as well as wedding-themed entries Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding is eyeing similarly themed entries including a docuseries revolving around NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa and Single Brides….

Big Pippen, from Left Right Productions, revolves around Chicago power couple Larsa and Scottie Pippen. From private jets to designer digs, diamond rings and six NBA championships, the Pippens live a truly charmed life. Add in her overbearing family and his clan from Arkansas, and this duo is living life Big Pippen style.

I truly love Scottie Pippen but I wish the reality show era would just die already.  However if you’re into these things, enjoy.