In wake of Friday’s tragedy at Newtown, CT, Democrat and California Senator Dianne Feinsten has announced her plan to present a bill that would ban assault weapons. Assault weapons have been used in massacres such as The Dark Knight Rises shooting and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. President Clinton signed the original bill to ban assault weapons back in ’94. I know “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” but I don’t see the need for assault weapons and this would take the first step in stricter gun control. Many times when people say “stricter gun laws” people take that as banning guns, which is not the case. I think there should be a ban on assault weapons, there should be a limit as to how many guns a person should be allowed to own, and perhaps a mental health test of the gun owner and their families. I know there are tons of illegal guns and that needs to be stopped as well but something needs to be done ASAP to prevent massacres such as the one that claimed the lives of 20 innocent children this past Friday. Read more below.

Julie A.

Feinsten actually called for the ban to be renewed after the Aurora, CO shooting and nothing became of it. Now, she’s calling for the renewal once again saying we need it now more than ever. She added that she doesn’t think there is a need for 100 rounds of ammo or military style weapons, which I agree with.