HTC Windows Phone 8

Behind the scenes, manufacturers look to develop the next hot feature. High definition, 3D, Surround sound are all features companies have used to separate themselves from the competition. HTC has been in the works on something BIG! Working side-by-side with Microsoft on their new Windows Phone 8 OS, they tripped over an issue that will now become a halt in their project. Story after the jump…

Tat Wza

Microsoft HTC

HTC, in hopes of releasing a device with an HD 5-inch display, had to halt their project development recently. They’ve been forced to completely scrap their plans to develop the device because Windows Phone 8 software does not support such a high resolution. Microsoft only supports screen resolution of 720 horizontal lines, opposed to the 1,080 in all of Android phones and tablets. Microsoft is definitely trying vigorously to take market share from Apple, Samsung & Google but it seems like its one problem after another for them. On top of all this, Microsoft limits which processors are used as well. Which we all know plays a major roll on your performance/experience.