LOL! I know you’re probably wondering who would claim Trinidad James’s style, but there is a fella. Mr. MFN eXquire is his name. I listened to his music && the sound is totally different, but the LOOK is on the same exact POINT. A lil’ while ago eXquire went on twitter blasting Trinidad stating, “I lost all respect for Trinidad James tonight. How a n***a steal your whole style, then try to act like he made it up?!?!? I wish that n***a the best cause he black like me, but I don’t have no respect for him. I’m not dissing nobody…just speaking my mind cuz that’s what real n****s do.”

EXquire had a sit down with XXL Mag and he cleared up a few things on how and why he felt the way he does about Trinidad James. “Once I met him, he was acting like a little b***h, hiding behind security like he was scared of n****s.” Everyone is saying that Trinidad is NOT the music that he portrays, but I say WHO IS? Apparently, EXquire doesn’t beef with other rappers so this shouldn’t escalate. Drop down bottom to get the 411.

JaaiR (JR)

*Compare the two…loL