Earnhardt Jr may not of won the Sprint cup championship this year, but being popular and getting lots and lots of endorsements can definitely ease the pain. For the 10th, ( Yes, I said 10th ) straight year, he was voted NASCAR most popular driver. Even though the title “most popular” doesn’t do much to help with the actual racing side of it, it still means a lot because it is voted by the actual fans who love these drivers. Check more after the jump.

“Aside from honesty, one of the qualities I admire the most in a person is loyalty”, Earnhardt said. “Loyalty is a word I use quite often to describe our fans. This is a great example of loyalty. I am completely humbled and honored to receive this”.

Earnhardt Jr was having a very solid year until he had to miss a couple races due to a concussion, which caused him to fall too far behind in the points race. He finally broke a 143 race winless streak this year as well.