326p: Anon says they will get Twitter Back in Some Shape and Form, Maybe Twitter CEO will get Trolled, “If you helped WBC, you have to pay…we have to pay…We have to Spank them, this is Anonymous!!”….Stay Tuned

Tat Wza

323p: Anon and Operation Westboro is a Success, WBC is NOT Going To Show Up!!! We Won!!!!
319p: Reports WBC is Not Going to Show Up!!
316p: Bikers Have Strong Presence!!
257p: People starting to lock Arms
253p: Still No WBC
226p: Anon Reports FBI on scene
224p: Ustream up After Jump
223p: Tinychat is LIVE
212p: They 500 to 600 people in attendance, Most of them Against WBC, 4 cops in attendance
209p: People Line, WBC Might Be Coming.

205p: Live Video Here
Anon wants to respect families and Not wear their masks, as it might scare the kids.

Broadcasting live with Ustream

This is kinda Crazy, and I love Twitter SOOO Much, and have a great relationship with some key people there, But putting a block on Anonymous because they are reporting on the retards at WBC, the Dumbasses that are actually protesting funerals of Babies….Like for real Fam, Twitter is Bugging!!! Hit the jump, View the gallery, see the craziness, and how to still follow them!!