Earlier this month the New Orleans Hornets were reportedly changing their nickname (possibly as soon as next season) to the New Orleans Pelicans.  Many fans didn’t like the name including myself.  Now the NBA has filed trademarks for the New Orleans Pelicans along with 4 other names.  Check them out & let us know which you like best.


According to RealGM:

The NBA has filed trademarks for the New Orleans Pelicans, amongst four other potential nicknames on behalf of the New Orleans Hornets NBA Limited Partnership.

  • Pelicans — the Louisiana state bird
  • Rougarou – a monster from Louisiana folklore
  • Mosquitos — those pesky little creatures we all hate to have around
  • Swamp Dogs — Cajun name for alligator
  • Bullsharks — a, well, shark that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico

New Orleans will likely adopt a red, blue and gold color scheme.


Other Source: Fansided