In a country where competition is heavily prevalent, many companies are forced to go to extremes to set themselves away from the others. It’s not always easy to compete with competition, especially when they’re a billion-dollar company who makes leading technology products. Samsung’s attempt to patent-block companies came up as a big FAIL! Story after the jump…

Tat Wza

Patents distinguish a certain product or company; keeping their design and development exclusive to themselves. But what if they’re deeper than that? What if they’re the industry standard? And their patent would deter the development of future product; Europe’s not having that! Their argument is by Samsung locking up features in patents, could effect the European telephony standards. For example, if Samsung trade-marks a type of HD display, being that they’re a major supplier for other manufacturers, they now can keep that display to themselves causing an unfair practice, in Europe’s eyes. They love telling us were unable to do over there, what we get away with in the states.