Samsung Headquarters

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and if it’s not we’ll make it bigger. Samsung has an existing memory chip facility in Austin that is at minimal productivity at the moment. They’ve been in talks with the powers that be of the state of Texas to schedule a major renovation that will guarantee jobs for Americans. What started in 2006, will be expanded to carry a product line of processors which should be complete by the second half of 2013. Jump for details of the expansion.

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Samsung Processor

Samsung currently makes NAND Flash memory chips out of their Austin, TX facility. Since June of this year, they’ve been discussing a $3.6 billion dollar expansion which will bring the manufacturing of Processors, which generate a much higher revenue than the Flash memory chips. This facility will help keep up with the exciting next generation digital solutions of our society. Basically, as technology grows at an extremely fast past we’ll need suffice productivity to keep up. The second phase of the companies 2.3 million-square-foot semiconductor complex will include the addition of 2,500 jobs, 500 of which will be permanent positions. Great news for unemployment numbers!

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