So is this what Olympic athletes do in between the 4 years they compete? I always wondered how athletes who compete in the games stay in shape when they are not competing. Former U.S. Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton has been keeping in shape the best way we all want to. By keeping her sex game as her focus! Check the pics of her above. Read more after the jump.

Favor Hamilton admitted on her twitter that she has been working as an escort in Las Vegas the past year! She even worked under an alias “Kelly Lundy”. She claims she told a few of her clients about who she really is and assumes one of them leaked the info. “”I do not expect people to understand,”. “But the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression.” She said she was drawn to be an escort as a way to deal with what was going on in her own marriage and personal life. She is married and her husband has known about what she was doing, and of course does not support her decision. “He tried, he tried to get me to stop. He wasn’t supportive of this at all.” She was charging $600 per hour for her “company”. I personally would of asked for much more lol. Crazy thing is she has a award named after her for college students. The Suzy Favor award is awarded to the top female athlete in the Big Ten Conference, which consists of some prestigious schools. I expect she wont have that award named after her too much longer.