It seems like this couple is the new Chris Brown and Rihanna (minus the whole spousal abuse thing.) These two are off and on more times than I can count at this point! He was spotted with another chick, she was saying she was blocking him from all communication, he was outside her house screaming like a madman after a very public fight, and now the duo was spotted kissing and snuggling at an airport in Salt Lake City. I’m all for people being happy, but these two need to decided if they are or aren’t together! Find out who it is below.

Julie A.

It’s Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Jelena was spotted kissing, Selena sitting on Justin’s lap, and the two of them giggling like school girls. The couple were rumored to have been skiing with Taylor Swift and her maybe boyfriend, Harry Styles, from the group One Direction. Hopefully they stay together, I really like them as a couple!