This is a different level of forgiveness! Edith Casas is going to wait 13 years to marry her man, Victor Cingolani, who is currently serving a bid for murder. Cingolani was found guilty of murdering Casas’ twin sister but she’s claiming that he is innocent. Sadly that’s not even the weirdest part of this saga, Cingolani and Edith’s sister dated before her death. Casas’ family feels betrayed by the sister’s love for the man who killed her twin calling her “psychologically ill.” Read more below.

Julie A.

Casas claims that her man is innocent even though her twin was found dead in a field with two bullets in her head. Cingolani and his legal team insist that it was the twin’s ex-boyfriend that murdered her. According to the HuffPost, Edith and her man talk about her dead twin all the time and her man claims that he was just having a fling with the dead twin and he’s in love with the living one.