Delonte West Cover Pic

I think it’s shame that Delonte West hasn’t been picked up yet as he is a very viable player off the bench.  However if this report is true I could see why the Lakers would choose to pass.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

A couple weeks ago it was reported the Lakers had interest in free agent Delonte West but nothing ever materialized from it and nothing was said as to why.  Well according to Marc Stein of ESPN the Lakers elected to pass on signing Delonte West due to concerns about how his presence would possibly further destabilize an already complicated situation, according to sources.

The Lakers decided to wait for Steve Nash to return rather than bringing in the turbulent guard.  West was released from the Mavericks after a couple suspensions that were listed as conduct detrimental to the team with no further information.  West’s mental conflicts are well documented but he has mad strides to get better.  Unfortunately things haven’t worked in his favor and he’s taken to his twitter account several times to express his feelings, probably to his detriment.

The Lakers could still pickup another point guard.