Announcers have to be extremely careful about what they say because it’s live and there’s no turning back.  Terry Bradshaw came under fire for his comment regarding Reggie Bush and a bucket of chicken.  The latest is an ESPN announcer and his racial comment regarding Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

ESPN announcer Mitch Holthus made note of Rodriguez’s “Puerto Rican temper” getting out of hand and leading the KSU player to commit his third foul midway through the second half of their bout against Florida in Manhattan.

Holthus engaged in conversation with co-announcer Fran Fraschilla on the foul and blurted out the statement,  “That’s sometimes where the Puerto Rican temper kicks in there. They need him on the floor instead of picking up a third foul.”

This statement was extremely wrong as he stereotyped Puerto Ricans who aren’t all the same.  As a professional something like this should never be said and I”m assuming an apology is forthcoming.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Rodriguez had to deal with racial comments.  Back in March during a NCAA tournament match against Southern Miss, Rodriguez had to deal with chants of “where’s your greencard” from the marching band.  Seriously people have to do better.