A private first class solider in the U.S. Army, Lander Chappell, says that a certain song kept him alive during a life threatening situation in Afghanistan. During a interview Chappell says that he was loosing a lot of blood and slipping in and out of consciousness after stepping on a roadside bomb. After one of his fellow soldiers came to his aid, he told him to sing his favorite song until help came and sure enough it worked! Find out which song it was below.

Julie A.

Lander Chappell says that he owes his life to Lil Wayne’s “Tie My Hands.” Chappell says he loves the song and after his fellow solider suggested he sing it, he was able to stay alive. Once Lil Wayne got wind of the incredible story, he wrote a message to Chappell saying “PFC Lander Chappell, I’ve always known that my musik could change lives but I never knew it could save em as well. Thank u,” according to TheBoomBox.