Damn. SMH. Another athlete with money problems. This time it’s former NFL superstar Joey Porter. He was arrested on Friday for allegedly writing checks with non-sufficient funds.  He owes the Hard Rock Casino $70,000 in unpaid gambling debt.

*UPDATE after the jump*


According to TMZ:

TMZ obtained court documents filed by the State of Nevada … which show Porter is accused of writing 8 checks to the Hard Rock casino between June 30, 2012 and July 1, 2012 …. in exchange for cash and/or gambling chips.

Problem is …. according to the complaint, when the casino tried to cash the checks … Joey’s bank refused the transaction, claiming Joey had put a “stop payment” on them.

The Hard Rock went to cops … and eventually Porter was charged with check-bouncing with intent to defraud and theft — both felonies.

The docs list all of the the checks Joey allegedly wrote during his time in the casino … and the progression indicates he was having a terrible run at the tables … capped off with one last desperate $20k attempt to get out of the red.

Check #1 — $10,000
Check #2 — $10,000
Check #3 — $5,000
Check #4 — $5,000
Check #5 — $5,000
Check #6 — $5,000
Check #7 — $10,000
Check #8 — $20,000

As we previously reported, a warrant was issued for Joey’s arrest — and on Friday he was taken into custody during a routine traffic stop in Bakersfield, CA. Porter is currently behind bars.



Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … since the arrest, Joey has paid back the debt to the Hard Rock, so the case will be dismissed.

A rep for Porter tells us, “It was a misunderstanding as Joey wasn’t aware that the debt was outstanding. It has been paid. Issue resolved.”