If you know me, you know I love some good trash talk!  Of course I’ve been super church mouse since yesterday since my Giants took a nice L. SMH.  We still have a chance tho, so don’t count us out just yet!!!  Anyways, back to Durant (who is from DC & a Redskins fan)…after the Redskins won 27-20 against the Eagles – KD took to Twitter to talk some trash to Cowboys fans (they face each other next week and that winner decides who will take the NFC East title).

I saw the tweet when he tweeted it, but then when I went back to share the story with you guys — his tweet was gone.  Luckily the Redskins retweeted him so we still have it on record.  I wonder if he got a lot of heat from Cowboys fans?  Why would he take it down?  Maybe I’m just missing something?  Oh well…Check out what he had to say & let us know where you stand!


*Tweet above in gallery*