Let me clarify before I go on my rant that I am NOT a Tebow fan. I can not stand the whole media obsession with him. I wish he would disappear and save all of us headaches, especially since he isn’t that good to even be talked about as much as he is. However I take issue with the sudden backlash against him, because he doesn’t deserve it. He stood up for himself against a crap coach and crap organization. Read more & see the video after the jump.

After the rumors last week that Tebow asked coach Rex Ryan not to play him in any wildcat plays, people have been hard on Tebow, and not cause of his football skills. After Mark Sanchez was finally benched, Tebow was expecting to be the starter for the rest of the season. After all, he has been the back up QB all season. Instead coach Rex went with the 3rd stringer. That in itself is a slap in the face. But even more so, Tebow has been lied to and made a fool of all season. The Jets promised him alot more game action when they traded for him. But any football fan can now see at the end of the day, bringing him to New York was nothing more than a publicity stunt that went horribly wrong. It is very clear the Tebow show will be moving on next season playing somewhere else. So after being lied to all year and played for a chump I also would of told the coach do not put me in. If you all of a sudden think your 3rd string quarterback is better then why have Tim on the roster at all. He told the coaches do not play him with only 2 games left. Why? Because why risk getting hurt for a team that truly can care less about you, especially when you know next season you are going to have to prove yourself all over again referring to Tebow. I am not mad at him at all.

Merril Hoge , who is a NFL analyst for ESPN disagrees with me, calling Tebow phony. There is nothing phony about what he did. It does not suddenly make him a bad teammate, or make him look bad since he is always saying he will do anything for a team to help win. But when a team clearly thinks your a joke and is just waiting to get rid of you, then why help them? Not too mention Merril Hoge has always been a Tebow hater. ESPN tends to have analyst who played professionally at one point in their life but were really average or below average players. Funny thing is these “analyst” who were not really any good when they played always seem to be the harshest critics of today’s athletes. Is it hate? Or are they really speaking truth? You can decide that.