It’s pretty well known Apple as a company is worth big bucks, so it’s no surprise those that run it make big bucks also. But just how much? Between salary, any holiday bonus’ or even a pay-for-performance, they’re all raking it in. Tim Cook, now Apple CEO, received stock worth around say $510m when he took over in 2011. You’ll be amazed when you hear what he brought in just this past year.

Tat Wza

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Cook’s pay for fiscal 2012, which came to a close in september, included a $1.4 million salary, bonus of $2.8 million, and $17,000 in company contributions to his 401(k) account and life insurance premiums, according to a filing. No more shares, than the 1 million from 2011, were given this year. Half vested for 2016, and the other for 2021 so a lot can change but with Apple’s recent updates and additions, I don’t see them going anywhere soon.

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