This is a very sad story. It is also a story of a miracle and how crazy life can be. 30 year old Wei Chu, a pregnant woman in Arizona, was riding in the car with her family today when they were hit by a Ford F650 truck. The woman was rushed to the hospital where reports say she was able to give birth to her baby. It was not a premature birth as the woman was over 8 months pregnant. The sad part is the woman gave birth and literally seconds later died from injuries caused in the accident. The husband who was not in the car with the family arrived at the hospital just in time to say hello to his new daughter, and good bye to his wife before she passed. Prayers and condolences go out to the family. Hopefully they can try their best to look at the new babygirl as a part of the wife that lives on. Check the gallery above to see the pic of the truck that hit them. The entire front end of the truck is gone which shows it was a pretty significant impact.