I noticed that analysts tend to compare all black quarterbacks to each other.  They tend to share the mobility characteristics but aside from that I think it’s unfair that they’re automatically contrasted.  This time however it wasn’t an analyst who he put their foot in their mouth, it was Michael Vick himself.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Robert Griffin III is setting a new standard for rookie quarterbacks.  He’s the only non specialist rookie voted into the Pro Bowl and is the first rookie quarterback to do so since Dan Marino.  He’s turned the Redskins team around as they viably fight and have a legitimate chance at a playoff spot.  Vick on the otherhand is expected to make his final start as the quarterback for Philadelphia Eagles after being benched and will most likely be cut at the end of the season.  Vick did however have his time when he baffled defenses and led his team to greatness.

“I’m a big RGIII fan,” Vick told USA Today before the game. “He reminds me of what I do. I’m the originator of everything that’s transpired in the league with the style of quarterback. It makes it gratifying to me.”

Vick is right in the fact that he changed the way defenses handled quarterbacks with crazy mobility.  The two however aren’t similar at all.

With one game to go, Griffin has wiped out defenses, completing 66.4 percent of his passes, with 20 touchdowns to just five interceptions in his first campaign. Vick completed 44.2 percent of his passes in two starts as a rookie in 2001 and just 54.9 percent in 2002, when he tossed 16 TD passes to eight picks as a full-time starter. RG3’s 104.2 passer rating is second best in the NFL. Vick finished his first full season with a pedestrian 81.6 rating.

RG3 has done so much and it’s just his first year.  It’ll be amazing to watch him continue to develop and take the league by storm.