As if the tragedy at Newtown, CT wasn’t enough, now they have to worry about people creating fake foundations and lying about the connections they had with the victims and/or survivors. A New York City woman, Nouel Alba, has been arrested for scamming people into believing she was the aunt of Noah Pozner, a young child who was killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Alba, who is 37, used her Facebook account, telephone calls, and text messages to persuade people to make donations for Pozner’s funeral fund, SMH! Read more below.

Julie A.

Alba is denying that she started the funeral fund saying she didn’t send out any texts or Facebook message and also claimed that she returned any money that was donated to her. The FBI arrested the woman on Thursday and has since been released on $500,000 bond. She has been charged with lying to federal agents and faces up to five years in prison.