Attention Deron Williams!! People have noticed you seem to have issues with coaches in the NBA. It was well publicized when he was in Utah, that he and then coach Jerry Sloan had issues which may of led to Sloan being removed after being in Utah forever. There have been rumors Deron has been having issues with now fired Nets coach Avery Johnson and the offense. Some NBA legends have taken issue with Williams. Read more after the jump.

Shaq and Charles Barkley have some harsh words for Deron Williams. Shaq was quoted as saying, “Sometimes before great players point fingers, they should look in the mirror”. “This is the first time I’ve heard the guy with the ball at all times say that he doesn’t like the offense. My advice for him is to look in the mirror and see if he’s doing enough….he’s not really playing well”. Barkley was quoted as saying “He’s got the reputation of getting coaches fired. This is all on Deron Williams right now. It’s time to put up or shut up”. Barkley is right. At this point it doesn’t even matter if Williams had anything to do with Johnson being fired. His reputation supersedes him. Add that to the fact he was complaining alot above the offense. Deron is not having a good year. All the talk about the offense and this dude can’t shoot to save his life right now. We shall see how it works out in Brooklyn.