The capabilities of smartphones grow by the day; sometimes over night we develop next gen technology. Most of the time, its a new angle or approach on something that has been around for some time. With how crazy the mobile industry has grown, the possibilities are endless. Even if you were looking to harness Wi-Fi as cellular signal. Republic Wireless is in the Beta stage of a hybrid technology that could take the wireless industry by storm. Jump for details & video on how to take advantage…

Tat Wza


A Wi-Fi signal helps make your connections crystal clear. Wether its getting your web-based messages out or clearing up the signal on a phone call, Wi-Fi benefits us in many ways. Republic Wireless has developed a technology that allows their phone to function as a Hybrid. Not only does the phone use Wi-Fi to text, share & surf but also to make and receive phone calls. Crystal clear, phone calls that don’t lose signal when there is no longer a wifi signal. RW works with the Sprint wireless network which fills in when Wi-Fi is not available. The pairing of these features makes for a very impressive progression of the wireless industry. This could take part in changing the way we communicate today, for the better!!

Republic Wireless