Looks like Mark Zuckerberg got tripped up in his own privacy settings this holiday season. As all families did this last few weeks, the Zuckerberg’s gathered together to share time with one another. Randi, Mark’s sister, posted a photo of her and her family along with brother Mark in the background. Hit the jump to see the pic and hear what she had to say about it.

Tat Wza

What was suppose to be private for only Family & Friends to see, was accessible by an acquaintance with a mutual friend who then reposted the photo publicly to her 40k followers. Randi Zuckerberg used the dustup to write about online sharing etiquette. “Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly. It’s not about privacy settings, it’s about human decency,” she posted on Twitter. It’s no surprise that Facebook’s Privacy Settings are a little confusing… So much so that the CEO’s sister, who once ran the Marketing Dept, had a picture post flop herself.