Marilyn Monroe’ FBI file couldn’t be located earlier this year and now we know why, it was being re-vamped and now contains new information. Apparently the FBI was watching Marilyn for years before her death due to ties she had with certain people. According to reports, the FBI is well aware of all the rumors that the iconic beauty was killed because they have letters and newspaper clippings in regards to it. Although they have the clipping and letters, the FBI has not investigated any of these claims that she was killed and insist that she committed suicide. The FBI report even claims that Monroe’s inner circle was growing concerned with the people who she was around. Find out why the FBI was watching Marilyn below.

Julie A.

The FBI was watching Marilyn due to her ties with people who were connected with communism! Friends of the beauty were particularly concerned with her friendship with Frederick Vanderbilt Field, who was disowned from his own wealthy family because of his political views. The file claims that even Monroe’s therapist were considered with Monroe and Field’s “mutual infatuation” with each other.