The Jacksonville Jaguars have long been out of playoff contention but there’s been some issues with their star running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Jones-Drew hurt his foot at Oakland on Oct. 21 but is just now having surgery some two months later.  They didn’t place him on injured reserve and held out hope that he could return to the field.  Well it turns out he won’t for a while after he underwent surgery surgery on his left foot Friday and will be out at least until May.

Coach Mike Mularkey explained Friday that Jones-Drew tried to run on Monday, but that he complained of lingering soreness.  So they sent him to Charlotte for further evaluation by Dr. Bob Anderson, who recommended surgery.

Specifically, Jones-Drew will be out until late May or early June, according to Mularkey.  That will cause Jones-Drew to miss most if not all of the offseason program.

MJD skipped the entire offseason program, sitting out training camp and the preseason during a 38-day holdout while looking for a new contract. The Jaguars didn’t budge, refusing to renegotiate since he had two years remaining on a five-year deal worth $31.5 million. He made $4.45 million this season and is due to get $4.95 million next year.

He said last week he doesn’t anticipate missing anything mandatory during the offseason.

He is, though, going back to UCLA to pursue his college degree. He’s scheduled to take three business classes beginning Jan. 7.

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