Attorney, Irving Pinsky, wants to sue the state of Connecticut on behalf of one of the Newtown, CT survivors he calls “Jill Doe.” Pinksy claims “Jane Doe,” who is 6-years-old, heard violence and screams over the intercom after it was accidentally turned on during the Adam Lanza massacre. He claims that she experienced “emotional and psychological trauma and injury” during the incident. Pinsky wants to go after the state for a HUGE amount of money saying that the school needs a better security system. So instead of doing everything he can to ensure the security systems are but into place, he decides to sue the state that could very well help with security systems? Find how much he’s suing for below.

Julie A.

Pinsky wants to sue for $100 million on behalf of the young girl. He had to ask the state if he could go through with the lawsuit since Connecticut has immunity against almost every lawsuit. So far there has been no word as to if the lawsuit will continue or not. I know this young girl has been through a tremendous tragedy but $100 million seems outrageous especially since she wasn’t the only victim or survivor during of the massacre.