The Dallas Mavericks failed at landing point guard Deron Williams but according to reports they still have their sights set on center Dwight Howard.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

The Mavericks initially wanted to pair up Williams and Howard together but that plan fell through when Deron chose to sign a max level contract with the Brooklyn Nets.  Although Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers the Mavericks are hoping he chooses not to sign an extension there and will become a free agent this summer according to Mavericks beat writer  Dwain Price.

Thanks to Mark Cuban practically cleaning house much to the dismay of Maverick fans, they will have enough cap room to sign one or even two superstar players.  Howard seemed content with the Lakers and many believe he will re-sign with the team but he is known to change his mind and has already shown dismay during their struggles.  The Mavericks hope to lure him to Dallas with a max level contract and the long shot of signing another superstar possibly Chris Paul.