When you’re in need of a head coach who wouldn’t go after 11 time champion Phil Jackson?  Well with the exception of the 2012 Lakers, he’s the dream coach for almost any team and of course at the top of the Brooklyn Nets list.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

According to Howard Beck at the New York Times:

The Nets have firmly targeted Phil Jackson — the man with the 11 championship rings, the Zen maxims and the geometric offense — to replace the recently fired Avery Johnson.

No deal is imminent, no formal discussions have taken place, and it is not even clear that Jackson wants the job. But the search will start with Jackson and only Jackson, according to multiple people monitoring the process.

Whether or not Phil Jackson wants the job is another story.  His agent released a statement saying Jackson was not interested in the job “at this time”, keywords there.  It’s still very early and no formal discussions have been held.  Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has more than enough money to throw at Jackson.  He’s also quoted as saying the ordeal with the Lakers made him think about coaching again.  If he’ll coach the Nets is still to be seen.  The team needs a lot of work and isn’t near a championship level yet even with the Zen Master’s proposed help.  If he’ll be willing to take on the job looks like a long shot to me but hey it’s not impossible.