The New York Police Department has already begun gearing up for what is probably one of the most stressful days for them. Security has always been tight in Times Square on New Year’s Eve since the iconic ball drops there every year, but post 9/11 security has been stepped up in many ways. Times Square alone is always a serious issue when it comes to security and that’s on a normal day so there’s no surprise that thousands of police officers will be working there come the 31st. The NYPD also works will all hotels in the nearby area to ensure that guests are being watched closely for an suspicious activity. People will begin flooding into the Square at about 1p.m. on the 30th to wait to bring in the New Year. During that time, thousands of uniformed and plain-clothed officers will be joining them both in the streets and in surrounding buildings to get an eye on everything. Police Commissioner Kelly said, “We think it’s the safest place in the world on New Year’s Eve.” More below.

Julie A.

Commissioner Kelly said that hotels are on high alert and told to be on the lookout for strange activity in-case people plan on being snippers or putting explosive materials in the hotels or hotel garages. Now people begin to stand around Times Square on the 30th to hear the rehearsals of the performers who will take the stage the next night. Due to that reason, police officers have already been dispatched around the area for extra patrolling.