To win by any means necessary huh?  That must be what went through Jarrett Jack’s mind during the Golden State Warriors game against the Philadelphia 76ers.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

With 5:24 left in the second quarter, 76ers forward Dorell Wright slipped and lost his left shoe. As it lay near the free-throw line of Philadelphia’s basket, Jack arrived and did what any human being would do in that situation—threw it into the stands. Oh, and he nailed a three-pointer on the next Warriors offensive possession, adding insult to injury.

“I’ve seen it before, it’s very funny. It’s hilarious,” said coach Mark Jackson. “It’s a guy that’s trying to win and thinking the game of basketball. It’s a funny play, but it’s also a play that says, ‘I’m trying to do whatever I have to do to win a game.’ I respect it, I appreciate it.”

When Jack was asked about the incident, he admitted that while he was trying to be funny, he was also looking out for the safety of everyone on the court.

“I just didn’t want anyone to step on it, get hurt. I didn’t mean to throw it that far,” Jack stated. “I meant to throw it in the crowd—I did that to be funny.”

I asked if the Sixers said anything to him about it.

“They said that’s some B.S., but they didn’t use the abbreviation.”

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