The fight over internet access on aircrafts is about 20 years old now, and still no solution. There has yet to be proof of an aircraft crash resulting from cellular signal interference, or similar issues. A change like this needs to be signed off and approved on a government level just to see a little change in process. It’s not something that will just happen over night, but the FCC just sped the process up a lot!

Tat Wza

Rather than having to license on-board systems on a case by case basis, airlines will be able to test systems that already meet FCC standards, establish that they do not interfere with aircraft systems, and get FAA approval. The technology is called ESAA or Earth Stations Aboard Aircraft which is what gets aircraft passengers full internet access. They’ve also lessened the burden of the  approval process, by almost cutting the time in half. Their hopes are that this will promote the widespread availability of internet access to aircraft passengers.