Even as the world starts to get more and more accepting of things we may feel are “different”, the sports world will always lag behind. Athletes still remain extremely hesitant to come out and let the world know they are gay. We all know there are alot more gay athletes than we have been told so far. In such a macho world, many players in any sport feel it could be career killing to come out of the closest. The latest evidence of that comes from Torri Hunter of the Detroit Tigers. Read more after the jump.

“For me, as a Christian..I will be uncomfortable because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it’s not right. It will be difficult and uncomfortable”, Hunter was quoted as saying. Quotes like that strike me as odd sometimes, because he is basically saying he has never come across anyone who is gay, and if he did, he felt awkward, just because of what you were taught? Do you have a mind for yourself? And not too mention what if any previous teammates of his decided to come out and let the world know they are gay now. Would that change your whole idea on a friendship you already had? I am never going to judge someone’s beliefs, that is their own right. But I do wish people would stop hiding behind reasons for doing or not doing things. We all have our own mind.