D-Wade has been getting alot of bad press recently since being suspended for kicking Memphis Grizzlies player Ramon Sessions in the groin. Well it is time to give him some good press now as well. Wade completely surprised a family in the Miami area that lost everything when their apartment was destroyed by a fire. Read more after the jump.

Wade and his foundation showed up unannounced to the Lubin family temporary apartment. He bought them all new furniture and appliances to get them back on their feet headed in the right direction. Wade himself was the one carrying furniture into the apartment.

The mother Ms. Lubin was quoted as saying,

““I just went shopping and I lost everything I bought that day,” Lubin said. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m thankful.”

I am a sucker for stories of people in the position to help people actually doing it. Respect to Wade for this gesture.