This will come as no surprise to anyone. It is being reported in Philly this morning that coach Andy Reid will be fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after 14 seasons as coach. After another season in which the team as a whole completely underachieved, Reid has been on the hot seat pretty much all season long. The past couple years, at least on paper, the Eagles should of been one of the better teams in the NFL. But with constant injuries to quarterback Michael Vick, inconsistent play by the offensive line, and a defense that has just been horrible, it appears ownership in Philly is fed up. Will also be no shock if Vick winds up being let go. I still think Reid is a good coach. Whenever you coach for a long time in one city, there are bound to be some bad seasons. I actually think Philly should re-consider but we shall see. Check the link below for the full story.

Reid To Be Fired