As the year comes to a close tonight, everyone is reflecting on the past 12 months. The highs, the lows, the funny moments, the scary moments, the dramatic moments and the like…and a lot of those moments happened on or because of Twitter! We watched the ChRihanna reunion unfold through tweets, we learned of the KimYe pregnancy from the social network, the list goes on. Based on hits from YOU guys, below is the top 10 moments that happened on Twitter this year. Who knows what 2013 has in store!

Marisa Mendez

10. French Montana & 50 Cent Have Beef
Though they were once friends back in French’s days on the underground scene, 2012 found the guys against each other after 50 didn’t like some comments made by French in a Complex interview. Fif took to Twitter to go at Frenchie, and French of course responded, making for a rather hilarious exchange, if nothing else. Nearly 3 months later we’ve yet to see a reconciliation, but it hasn’t gotten any worse either.

9. R&Beef! Chris Brown vs. Brian McKnight!
Back in June, Brian McKnight released a hilariously ridiculous video, telling the ladies he’d teach them how their uh…thing…works. It sparked Brian’s popularity again, though very briefly. During that time, everyone and their mama had opinions on Brian’s song, to the point that he just got so frustrated, he decided to send a random shot Chris Brown’s way. Naturally, the rarely-calm Breezy didn’t take it very well. It didn’t go much further than this, though. How random, right?

8. Ooh, Coco! You done made your boo MAAAD!
Earlier this month, some photos of the very-married Coco made their way to the web, showing her in some questionable poses with a man that’s NOT her husband, Ice-T. To add insult to injury, the photos were from various nights, as opposed to being taken in just one night of bad judgement. To no one’s surprise, Ice was quite upset that he was being made a fool of but to everyone’s surprise, he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. He later would delete the tweets since his stance on the situation was made clear, and the happy couple worked it out and went on their merry way.

7. Uh, Tahiry…is that your…
Tahiry caused a bit of a stir online just as the summer came to a close. As the reality star/model was relaxing in her crib, she sent out a photo to show her fans her “chillin” look. Unfortunately, an awkwardly placed string to her shorts ended up looking like something totally different, and everyone on Twitter started going in! Thankfully, she took the drama with stride, and eventually posted a photo to prove to everyone that they were in fact DEAD WRONG!

6. Rep yo’ set! Slim Thug rips James Harden for claiming a gang on the court!
Earlier this summer, James Harden kept being spotted throwing up some interesting signs with his hands while on the court. Jokesters Slim Thug and Lil Duval weren’t really feeling that, as they just want to see the OKC player make money and play ball…not rep some ridiculous gang. A hilarious barrage of tweets followed, but no real beef came out of this.