Nothing will ever get in the way of the Kardashian Klan’s money or business! Kim K is still continuing on with her New Years Eve plans tonight! She will be hitting up Vegas, as planned. See the details after the jump!

Biz Baby

Kim K will be not-so-turnt-up at a place called Oak 1 on the Vegas strip. Of course.. money calls. And it sure will be a LOT of it. She’s pulling in 6 figures for this appearance, all to sit and look pretty. Of course she can’t drink, because of the pregnancy – which will be no problem for her because she isn’t much of a big drinker anyway. If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, she’s actually more of a grandma than anything. Additionally, Kanye will be right by her side tonight. The event will be fun, just entrance alone to get into the place is $125 per head.. and $3k to get a table. But some may say it’s worth it just to be around their aura, HA! I mean, it is more money to get into a Kanye concert.. but there you’ll be getting Kim’s a$$ too! Lmao.