REALLY?  I usually pay attention to these kinds of things, but this one passed me by til the other day.  Adrian Peterson fell just 9 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s 28-year-old record for most rushing yards in a single season.

AP is a beast, but he’s been playing without one certain endorsement…which will probably change ASAP.
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According to Eric Adelson at YahooSports:

One American athlete symbolizes running better than any other.  And he doesn’t have a shoe deal.

Adrian Peterson, who valiantly chased Eric Dickerson’s all-time rushing record right down to the final play of the regular season, ran all 2,097 yards in 2012 without a shoe contract. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported it on Twitter Sunday night, and a source in the Peterson camp confirmed it to Yahoo! Sports Monday morning.

In fact, the last time Peterson ran with a brand was a year ago, in his final game of 2011 – the one in which he tore his ACL in a pair of Nikes. He wore adidas shoes this season (per Rovell) in what could have been the most impromptu ad campaign since Tiger Woods’ golf ball, swoosh facing out, rested on the lip of the cup at the Masters. Unfortunately for adidas, its shoes are not approved footwear in the NFL, so Peterson had to tape over the logo much like adidas endorser Robert Griffin III did all season.