If you’re going out, might as well make a statement on your way! Lol. Norv Turner was fired as head coach of the Chargers on “Black Monday,” but he didn’t leave quietly.  Check out the little jab he gave as he left letting it be known that it wasn’t his fault the Charger hadn’t made the playoffs…


According to  at Shutdown Corner:

Norv Turner after his termination that the Chargers aren’t ready to go to the playoffs in the near future.

Turner, who coached the Chargers for six seasons and had just three playoff wins to show for it, told the media after his firing that it was personnel decisions made by similarly fired GM A.J. Smith, not bad coaching, that has put the Chargers in a hole.

“Someone wrote a few weeks ago that this team is not that far away from the playoffs,” Turner said. “I would disagree. I know the things that would have to get done for that to happen. If this team comes next year and they get some things done to help them get better and are able to make the playoffs, I would hope it would be a surprise to all the Chargers fans, and they would be excited about it.

“I would hope it would not be the expectation starting in August because I think you need to give whoever the guy who comes in here and the group he brings in some time to get back this thing back to where it was.”


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