Justin Bieber

A new update in the sad story of the paparazzi killed in a Justin Bieber chase has developed, and we now have information and photos of the man involved. Chris Guerra was in his late 20s, and was working in a Las Vegas casino for a few years until this past March when he came to L.A. to become a photographer. He was not married and had no kids. More details on the actual incident below. Condolences go out to his family and friends!

Marisa Mendez

Chris had been following JB around all day yesterday in California. TMZ reports he called someone at a paparazzi agency around 5:30 PM to say he was waiting for Justin, who had pulled into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills a little earlier. He then saw what he thought was Justin’s Ferrari leaving and quickly hung up the phone to chase it. When the car got pulled over a short time later, Chris attempted to get photos of the police by walking nearby not once but twice, and both times officers told him to get out of there. The second time crossing back over the highway to go back to his car, he was fatally struck by oncoming traffic.

As it turns out, Justin was not even in the car. It was actually rapper Lil Twist driving, who we told you earlier this week has been hanging with Justin heavy as of late.