First, if your going to threaten somebody, DON’T make it a 7+ minute video. Second, Gucci scheduled to perform in Macon, GA (Young Jeezy’s hometown) Dec. 21st, but once heard of the news some fellow, from the town I’m guessing released a video advising Gucci to stay HOME. This unknown masked figure brings up the situation that happened between Gucci and Pookie Loc* stating, that Gucci keeps bragging about it. From looking at the video it doesn’t seem as if Jeezy has any connections to the video. Well, guess what…Gucci was NOT worried about anyone’s threats. He went to Macon and performed his Young Jeezy diss, “Truth,” TWO TIMES…say it two times. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

*Pookie Loc was a associate of Jeezy’s who was allegedly killed by Gucci.