What pressure?!  Cool as a cucumber.  Robert Griffin III is preparing for his 1st playoff game, but that’s not stopping him from having some fun with his coach.  Check out RG3 as he surprises & crashes Mike Shanahan’s press conference and what he asked the coach.


According to FoxSports:

Robert Griffin III crashed Mike Shanahan’s news conference, slipping in the back door to take an aisle seat in the Washington Redskins auditorium. Soon, the franchise quarterback had a microphone in his right hand, ready to ask the next question.

Shanahan, who is hard to rattle, couldn’t help but laugh.

”You got me by surprise there,” the coach said. ”Who is this guy?”

”What did you do for New Year’s?” Griffin asked.

”I tried to put a good game plan together. I wasn’t sure how healthy you were, so it was hard without you calling me,” answered Shanahan, still chortling away. ”You got me good.”

Griffin has hardly behaved like a rookie all season, so there’s no reason to think it’ll start now as he prepares for his NFL playoff debut. He was as loose as anyone Wednesday, whether it was playfully shoving Jarvis Jenkins into the defensive lineman’s locker or simply radiating the smile that has rarely been missing during his initial run through the NFL grind.

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