Looks like the phone wars are heating up, Samsung looks to be ready to make their exit stage left from Google and develop their own OS. Now Google is planning on creating their own X Phone (they could have picked a better name). With Samsung leading the way of Android and planning their exit the X phone would fill the void for time being but then it could become a direct competitor of the Samsung brand. Plus Samsung is the only phone supplier making a killing in Android, HTC had phones flying off the shelves in 2011 but then cooled down in 2012 and other companies like LG, Motorola and Sony has had luke warm sales. Which means once Samsung leaves Google a brand is going to have to carry the Android torch.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

“Samsung has simply become too powerful within the Android ecosystem,” writes Hall. “What if Samsung were to ‘fork’ Android? What if they were to cut a global deal with Microsoft, say, and make Bing and Bing Maps the defaults? This is not far-fetched.”